LASACO iShear A-Series - the hydraulic guillotine shear for maximum quality

Precise cutting of sheet metal with hydraulic guillotine shears is not only very efficient, but also safe. This is at least true if you use an advanced guillotine shear such as the iShare A series. Up to a thickness of 6 mm, you can use them to make cuts of the highest quality in sheet metal and repeat them with the identical accuracy as often as you like in production. At the same time, the design of the hydraulic guillotine shear is particularly robust and stable to ensure long running times and a long service life for all components.

The iShear A Series from Lasaco offers these features

In addition to the already very extensive standard equipment, the iShear A series from Lasaco offers several additional options that allow you to implement your sheet metal processing individually and precisely.

Standard equipment of the iShear A series at a glance:

  • Control via ELGO P40T touchscreen for easy operation.

  • Maximum precision cutting due to rigid monoblock frame (welded).

  • Motorized backgauge (750 mm, NC controlled).

  • Upper and lower knives have 2 and 4 cutting blades, respectively, made of high-alloy steel.

  • Mechanical hold-downs effectively prevent the sheet from slipping off during the cutting process.

  • Manually adjustable cutting gap device.

  • Built-in ball casters in the table.

  • Front support arms are factory equipped with ruler.

  • Exact illumination of the cutting line for precise work.

  • Safety guard, finger guard and foot pedal for safe operation. Central emergency stop button for immediate shutdown of the system.

Optional equipment LASACO iShear A series:

  • Backgauge in 1,000 mm format for larger sheets.

  • Pneumatic sheet holding devices, optionally falling to the front and rear or only to the rear.

  • Angle stop for the range between 0° and 180°.

  • Support arms and side stop available in special lengths.

  • Manually adjustable backgauge (750 mm) for easy adjustment.

  • Rear light barrier according to CE guidelines.

With these additional options, you can configure the iShear A hydraulic guillotine shear exactly for your individual requirements. If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us. We will be happy to help you in word and deed.

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Functional highlights of the iShear A series from Lasaco

The special highlights of the high-quality guillotine shears include these equipment details, which are already part of the standard equipment:

  • Standard
    ELGO P40T

    An intuitive touchscreen NC control panel in 5.7-inch format facilitates operation immensely.

  • Standard
    Protective grille

    Safety systems options

    The protective grille has a particularly high-quality and robust design to optimize work safety beyond the usual features.


      Safety light curtain

      Optional equipment

      • ANGLE

        Depending on the application, you may need an angle stop, which can easily be used with the iShear A.

        More options

        • Long supporting arms

          Long support arms are required for larger sheet formats to provide optimum support and ensure clean cuts.

        • Pneumatic sheet holding up - type A.

          With the pneumatic sheet holding device type A, the handling of the sheets is considerably facilitated.

        • Cabin cooler

          For controlled temperature control of the working and cutting environment, we recommend the powerful booth cooler.