Everything for professional sheet metal working

Through the cooperation with our partner manufacturer MVD, we are able to cover almost the entire spectrum of sheet metal processing. From the guillotine shear to the ultra-modern fiber laser cutting system, Lasaco offers turnkey systems including customized training by our expert staff.

Laser sheet metal working

Sheet metal processing with modern laser cutting equipment delivers clean and precise results.

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Bending & Folding

Lasaco bending machines and press brakes are used in many applications.

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Sheet metal cutting

Cutting systems are available for a wide range of sheet sizes. Safe handling and precise cutting included.

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Cutting with plasma

Plasma cutting systems from Lasaco are powerful and efficient. Machines that cut with plasma are among our most popular system solutions.

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Lasaco is your solution partner for high quality systems for sheet metal working

In the field of sheet metal processing, we have specialized in four main areas that are most frequently requested by our customers. With fiber laser cutting equipment, plasma cutting equipment, hydraulic press brakes and guillotine shears, we cover the most common applications.

Sheet metal working machines from our partner MVD

Lasaco cooperates with the world-renowned manufacturer MVD in the production of customized sheet metal working equipment. Our technicians are trained on all models and regularly participate in training activities of the manufacturer.

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Application areas of our system solutions

Together with our partner MVD, we cover a wide range of applications with our system solutions.

  • Agriculture

    Lasaco sheet metal working machines are ideal for making machines and equipment for agriculture. Our cutting lines and bending machines can process sections of all sizes, such as those needed for cab bodies, axles and other parts of agricultural machinery.

  • Automotive industry

    In the automotive industry, the main demand is for sheet metal processing in the aluminum and steel sectors. The required sheet metal can be found on almost all vehicles, with material thicknesses varying between 0.7 and 4 mm. Load-bearing parts and components of the chassis must of course withstand greater forces and thus require machine solutions that can also process material thicknesses of up to 20 mm without any problems.

    In addition to iShear guillotine shears, our product range for the automotive industry includes above all iLaser laser cutting machines and iPlasma cutting systems from our partner MVD. Laser cutting systems in particular have revolutionized the automotive industry in recent years, although many sheets can also be cut with plasma.

    In the area of bending machines, our servo press brakes as well as the hydraulic iBend press brakes can be found in many automotive factories.

  • Control cabinet industry

    In all areas of automation and electrical engineering, control cabinets or electrical cabins are required, which are custom-made depending on the industry and application. These include cabinets for control panels and electrical equipment, vehicle washing equipment, various construction site equipment as well as elevator control cabinets and machine cabins. In short, all types of special control cabinets require high-quality machines for the individual and economical production of the required parts.

    Sheet metal processing is carried out with bending machines, press brakes and cutting equipment such as the iBend press brake, the iLaser Fiber Laser cutting system and the iShear guillotine shear.

  • Household appliances

    The materials relevant for industrial sheet metal processing in this area are stainless steel, galvanized steel and structural steel in a wide variety of formats, with material thicknesses generally between 0.6 and 2 mm.

    Any scratch could affect the appearance and/or longevity of the often pre-painted and stainless end products. We recommend our high-quality iBend press brakes, iLaser Fiber laser cutting machines and iShear guillotine shears for this work.

  • Industrial vehicles

    The industrial vehicles sector includes the production of chassis and body parts for trucks, trailers, dump trucks, on-board cranes and related accessories. So, mainly very hard and large-sized steel sheets made of materials such as Weldox and Hardox have to be machined. The material thickness can be between 2 and 200 mm. The equipment for sheet metal processing should be correspondingly resistant.

    The following MVD solutions for sheet metal processing are especially suitable for industrial vehicles:

    • Bending machines and iBend press brakes

    • Tandem and Tridem press brakes for special applications

    • iLaser Fiber laser cutting machines (up to 25 mm) and iPlasma oxyfuel cutting machines (up to 200 mm)

    • iShear guillotine shears (for sheets up to 25 mm thick and 8 meters long; also suitable for hard steels)

  • Industrial machinery

    Here, the range of requirements for sheet metal processing is particularly wide, as a very high number of industries require the most diverse industrial machines. From concrete plants and escalators to cranes, construction machinery and cleaning machines to transport and machine tools, almost every conceivable sector is involved.

    The materials used therefore vary particularly in terms of strength and dimensions. Among other things, very hard steels and metal alloys with stainless steel and aluminum components have to be processed. This requires first-class cutting systems and bending machines. We recommend the iLaser fiber laser cutting systems and iShear guillotine shears for sheets between 0.5 and 25 mm thick. In the field of bending machines, many customers use iBend press brakes and tandem press brakes. Sheets from 25 to 200 mm thick and beyond can be ideally cut with plasma.

  • Aviation and railroad industry

    In companies in the aerospace and railroad industries, fuselage parts, wings, turbine parts, locomotives, wagons and other products have to be manufactured. Sheet metal processing plays a decisive role here, often involving several work steps.

    Particularly when manufacturing parts with large dimensions, no compromises can be made in terms of precision, if only for safety reasons. Our sheet metal processing equipment from MVD can implement different requirements for materials, angles, precision and individual specifications.

    MVD equipment from Lasaco offers suitable solutions for processing sheet metal with laser cutting machines, machines for plasma cutting, hydraulic press brakes and bending machines for special radii, angles and shapes.

  • Elevator industry

    Whether in large buildings or for creating accessibility in everyday life, the elevator industry requires a wide variety of different elements for the production of cabs and beam connections in a wide range of formats.

    MVD and Lasaco offer the right products for the elevator industry.

    With laser cutting systems, cutting systems for plasma cutting, bending machines and hydraulic press brakes from MVD, we cover almost all the requirements that are made in this demanding industry. Individual solutions are the order of the day here, as space conditions and other elevator requirements can vary greatly.

LASACO's cooperation partners at a glance

Since all customers have their own ideas, wishes and technical requirements for their individual order, we work together with strong partners. This is the only way to provide the required quality and reliability for applications in industry and trade. Here you will find an overview of the renowned manufacturers with whom we cooperate in the field of welding and industrial robot technology as well as other components. Quality is our top priority. Always.