iBEND press brake model C400-4100 :

The customer is a manufacturer of special truck bodies for which aluminum or steel sheets and plates have to be formed individually. Otherwise, the implementation of the often very special wishes of the truck operators is not possible. For the realization, we carried out an individual analysis of the requirements and finally recommended the iBend C 400-4100 bending machine from MVD to the customer. The specific adaptations for required tool types and tool lengths enable the unrestricted use of the machine for the required purpose.

Plant configuration of the MVD iBend C bending machine

Based on the analysis of customer requirements, we have identified the MVD iBend C 400 press brake as the ideal solution. Especially in the area of truck production, sufficient dimensioning of the bending machine is required. The iBend C 400 is capable of building up a compressive force of up to 400 tons during die bending. The large dimensions of special truck bodies can be perfectly handled with this bending machine thanks to the very generous processing length of up to 4100 mm. The die bending press impresses with its consistent and precise performance when processing both thin sheets and very thick steel plates.

The iBend C series bending machine was also chosen because, in addition to the X-axis adjustment of the backgauge, this model also offers motor-controlled height adjustment of the R-axis fence. Changeover to different tools is facilitated by the standard quick tool clamp, which reduces machining time.

Handling of large workpieces is facilitated by two foot pedals that allow precise and easy control of lifting and lowering operations. This equipment is not included on MVD iBend Series A and B models.

Optional modifications of the press brake:

Despite the very extensive possibilities of the standard version of the MVD iBend C series, further optional modifications were planned for this customer. For example, the manual crowning of the standard equipment was exchanged for a motorized crowning equipped with original WILA wedges. The reason for this was the work with very long components for special truck bodies. The control system evaluates all parameters of the bending machine and calculates the corresponding crowning values automatically. In this way, absolutely straight edges can be pressed even with such bulky components.

Time saving due to automatic positioning

We were also able to optimize the customer's workflows by adding two servo axes (Z1 and Z2). This allows the support fingers to be adjusted automatically. This is done by using parameters stored in the software. Positioning the components by hand is therefore no longer necessary, which is not only safer and more convenient for the operating personnel, but also saves time.

Plant control:

For this customer, the MVD iBend C 400 is controlled via a DELEM DA-66T control unit. It has a generously dimensioned 17-inch multicolor touch display. This allows operators to create two-dimensional programs directly at the machine and then display a 2- or 3-dimensional simulation of the production sequences. All settings and parameters can be entered directly via the touch display without additional equipment. All important machine settings are calculated automatically. This includes, among other things, the fully automatic determination of the following values:

  • Determination of the bending sequence

  • collision detection in the bending process

  • required force

  • required crowning

  • positioning of all axes

In addition, various settings can be adjusted manually, for example for different compression force values for left and right, for crowning, or for correcting the axis positions at the stop. This provides the operator with a wide range of options for perfect bending results.

Assembly, commissioning and training of the operating personnel

After the plant had been put through its paces at our site, it had to be partially dismantled for transport. Accordingly, special care was required during installation and assembly at the customer's site. For the perfect alignment of the MVD iBend C 400, we used a machine spirit level. After assembly of all parts, the machine was filled with oil and connected to the power supply at the customer's site.

The commissioning at the customer's site is actually a re-commissioning, as it had already been tested under almost real production conditions at our site. All basic settings were configured so that the customer could in principle start production immediately. Nevertheless, a comprehensive test of all functions was of course carried out, with a series of bending operations with different material thicknesses and checked for correct angles and lengths.

After the customer was convinced of the quality of the machining results, we carried out comprehensive training of his employees. Not only was operation explained in every detail, but compliance with lubrication and maintenance intervals was also taught.

Highlights of the optimized MVD iBend C 400-4100 for this project:

  • 400 tons pressure force

  • 4100mm machining width

  • X,R,Z1 and Z2 axis on backgauge servo motorized

  • 2 pedals for even better control

  • Motorized crowning with system G.E.C.

  • Delem DA-66T control with 17 inch multi touch color 2D graphic display

  • 2x front support arms laterally movable and adjustable in height

  • AKAS 2 - Laser Finger Protection System

Project image gallery:

Here you can take a look at the fully configured iBend C 400