Don't waste any more time: With the Lorch Welding Package for MIG-MAG welding tasks, automation is possible immediately

When you choose the Lorch Welding Package MIG-MAG, everything you need to automate your welding processes is already included. The core of the complete package is the UR 10 collaborative robot, which is manufactured by market leader Universal Robots. In addition, the Lorch Welding Package includes all the other components and accessories you need for the immediate automation of your welding processes using the MIG-MAG method. This includes not only the high-quality power source, but also, for example, all hoses, the ground cable and the mounting plate.

Developed for industrial use under difficult conditions

Lasaco places the highest value on the best quality, which does not require any compromises even under harsh industrial operating conditions. Our welding experts therefore recommend the Lorch Welding Package MIG-MAG, which has been optimized specifically for these requirements. This solution for automated cobot welding can be easily integrated into your ongoing production processes without any major time losses. Added to this is the intuitive operability, which also allows complex welding tasks to be outsourced to auxiliary personnel, who only have to place the workpieces in the cobot. The actual cobot welding runs fully automatically, precisely and always with the same high quality.

Professional support is also included in the Lorch Cobot Welding Package

Before, during and after the purchase process, certified partners for the Lorch Cobot Welding Package are always at your side. Lasaco welding experts will advise you in detail before the purchase and find the perfect solution for your requirements. Of course, this includes live demonstrations of the versatility of the machines, training and education for operators, and attractive financing options. You can also book additional services for on-site service - according to your individual requirements.

Intuitive operation and maximum ease of use increase efficiency

Unrivaled good - the Lorch Cobotronic opens up new possibilities

The Lorch Cobot Welding Package for MIG-MAG welding processes not only offers a cost-efficient complete solution, but also a very high level of user-friendliness. Fatigue-free, comfortable work over many hours should no longer be a problem for the operating personnel. In addition, the specially developed software is so user-friendly that operation is very quick and easy to learn. It is also possible, of course, to add new welding programs as required. Here, the intuitive Lorch Cobotronic software supports the user in creating new tasks that are tailored to the welding process and power source in question. Depending on the user's skills and ambitions, the complexity of the tasks can be configured with one of three modes:

  • Robot job mode: Here, the cobot takes over complete parameter control

  • Individual Mode: Adjust the parameters individually to the power source

  • Assistant Mode: Benefit from suggestions from the cobot for setting parameters for the best welding results

In combination with this sophisticated and intuitive software, the Lorch Cobot Welding Package for MIG-MAG welding becomes the perfect complete tool for all applications.

Perfect results, again and again

The ability to use the Lorch Cobotronic software to automatically define the various welding parameters depending on the material, gas, wire and other factors gives you perfect results that can be reproduced as often as you like.

Innovation included

The Lorch Cobot Welding Package contains all innovative MIG-MAG speed processes developed by the manufacturer Lorch itself. This means you always get the optimum solution for your welding processes in terms of quality and productivity. Don't miss out on perfect welds in the TIG look with maximum efficiency, even with automation.

Powerful power source

The MIG-MAG Lorch Cobot Welding Package already includes the power source you need. You get a high-quality, high-performance Lorch S-RoboMIG XT power source that comes with superior control technology, precision feed, and full-process features. Add to that impressive high-end inverter technology, and you can weld anything that meets your needs. Of course, always with the highest efficiency.

Ergonomics that are fit for practical use

Ergonomics is always a key factor in the operability of welding robots. Thanks to an optionally available multifunction flange, you can even easily implement free-dive programming at the 6th robot joint. Whether for setting tack points or positioning the torch - everyday ergonomics have arrived in practice with the Lorch Cobot Welding Package.


Would you like to learn more about the Cobot MIG/MAG Welding Package from Lorch? Technical data as well as details on application and equipment can be downloaded here: