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Tecna spot and projection welders 90-200 kVA

Tecna spot and projection welders

Category: Spot welding

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  • Tecna Spot and projection welders - Article 6121N-6129N - 90 - 200kVA

    Versatile welders designed for both spot and projection welding.

    The mechanical frame of these machines is designed to minimize bending. In addition, this housing, combined with inverter technology, allows for high quality welding.

    The six working modes provided by the TE700 control system make it possible to select the most suitable welding mode for the material to be welded. It is also possible to include a proportional valve in the pneumatic circuit to ensure high precision and consistency of the working pressure. The proportional valve is programmable directly from the control unit and allows to assign to each program the corresponding pressure value.

    The inverter technology with which these machines are equipped allows higher welding quality, extreme precision in time and current, and a reduction in costs, including installation costs. The welding time is set in milliseconds, allowing the best adjustment. The welding current is supplied continuously and constantly and is not affected by the dimensions of the welding circuit.

  • Tecna 6121N-6129N

    • MF welders for high quality welding work.
    • Modular design of mechanical structure, arms, jaws, cylinder.
    • Cylinder with chrome plated shaft for lifetime heavy duty operation; adjustable rotation lock.
    • Lubrication-free, environmentally friendly compressed air components to avoid the release of oil mist.
    • Double-stroke cylinder with push-button control or air pedal.
    • Pressure-free lowering of electrodes for adjustment and maintenance.
    • Compressed air filter unit and tank built into the unit.
    • Compressed air separator.
    • Water-cooled transformer, plates, electrode holders and electrodes; transformer with epoxy-coated windings.
    • Two-stage electric foot starter, allowing workpieces to be clamped and welded only when correctly positioned.
    • Connection preparation for an additional foot pedal for direct recall of another welding program.
    • Two-hand safety control with timer for optimum safety and removable selector switch. Buttons with two-hand control are standard on projection welders only, available on request for spot welders.
    • Emergency stop switch for immediate unit stop.
    • Overload protection switch.
    • Flow monitor that stops the welder when cooling water is not circulating, and valve that stops cooling water flow when unit is off.
    • USB port for data storage (optional).
    • Compressed air circuit with low pressure creep-in time (optional), especially for projection and spot welding of sensitive components.
    • Position sensor (optional) that measures the original material thickness and verifies the presence and allowable dimensions of the welding materials before welding. It can also measure the penetration of the electrodes at the end of the welding process. The delivery of the welding current can be interrupted when the set penetration depth is reached.

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