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Lorch V30 mobil

Lorch V30 mobile TIG welder

The digital TIG inverter welding system for mobile use. Outstanding TIG welding properties due to inverter technology.

  • DC and AC/DC version available

    Stable arc - in DC and AC

    The V 30 mobil is available in all power versions as DC and AC/DC version. Basically, the V 30 mobil scores with a very stable arc. When welding with AC, the current shape is optimized both for a very good cleaning effect of the aluminum oxide skin and for reduced noise. In addition, the AC/DC version has an automatic dome control. Thanks to square-wave current, the V 30 mobile shines with more thrust and maximum arc stability when welding aluminum.

    Robust and safe: the housing of the V 30 mobile:

    In AC mode, the current shape is optimized for maximum stability, very good cleaning effect of the aluminum oxide skin and reduced noise.

    pulses and fast pulses up to 20 kHz:

    The integrated pulse and fast pulse function up to 20 kHz is particularly well suited for processing thin welding sheets. It also enables outstanding weld pool control and guarantees perfect results - even for difficult welding tasks.

    Energy efficiency at full performance:

    The integrated stand-by function ensures that individual components are automatically switched on and off. The Thermocontrol sensors monitor the temperature of the system and control the fan as required. This reduces the fan noise as well as the dust load inside the machine and also saves energy.

    Optimum parameters with SmartBase:

    Thanks to SmartBase technology, the arc is always perfectly matched to the electrode you have selected. Welding parameters, ignition and working range are automatically ideally adjusted. For optimum freedom, you can fine-tune the arc individually. So you are guaranteed to weld with the arc that is optimal for you.

    Mobil-Car and water circulation cooling unit for more ergonomics:

    Thanks to the Mobil-Car, you can work with the V-mobil units at the ideal working height for you. Don't worry, the gas cylinder is always safely stowed away. In combination with the water circulation cooling unit (Lorch WUK), the burner is also always correctly cooled. The result: V-mobil units no longer differ from classic units in any respect. On the contrary: they offer you more mobility.

    Control panel V-standard:

    • "3 steps and weld" operating concept

    • Simple one-button operation

    • Stepless current adjustment

    • Digital volt-ampere display

    • LCD graphic display with language selection

    • User-oriented operator guidance via illuminated symbols and welding sequence control

    • Tiptronic job memory for 100 welding tasks

  • Details Data
    Mains voltage: 400V
    Welding range TIG AC/DC welding: 3-300A
    Duty cycle TIG AC welding 100% (AC/DC version): 240A
    Duty cycle TIG DC welding 100%: 270A
    Welding area electrodes welding: 20-250A
    Weldable electrodes: 1,5 – 6,0 mm
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 812 x 283 x 518 mm
    Weight machine (DC version): 31g
    Weight machine (AC/DC version): 37kg
  • Download Lorch V Series Datasheet


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