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Lorch R 200 welding machine

Robust and powerful - that's the Lorch R-Series.

The Lorch R 200 is characterized by robustness, reliability and efficiency and is a powerful MIG-MAG welder. But not only that, with the Lorch R series you can also TIG or electrode welding! With a welding range of 20-220 A, it is ideal for all welding tasks. Modern inverter technology and perfectly matched welding programs for all common materials and techniques make it the ideal partner for workshop and assembly.

  • Lorch R 200 welding machine

    Robust, flexible and profitable, the latest generation of workshop welding equipment.

    The Lorch R 200 is the ideal choice for demanding welding tasks in the workshop and assembly. With its robust design and modern inverter technology, it meets the highest industry standards. At the same time, it offers easy operation with many setting options for clean seams without rework. Numerous perfectly coordinated welding programs are available for all common materials and welding processes. Whether steel, aluminum, stainless steel, flux cored wire or brazing alloy, the R series always guarantees an excellent arc. The Lorch R 200 is an absolute all-rounder and offers full flexibility for a wide range of applications thanks to the option of MIG-MAG, TIG or electrode welding.

    These are the areas in which Lorch's R-Series can show its strengths to the full.

    • Car Repair & Workshops
    • Agriculture
    • Workshop and assembly
    • Metalworking craft
    • House and building services engineering
    • Locksmithery and metal construction
    • Demanding hobby users

      The Lorch R-series combines the know-how of the best welders in one device

      Thanks to years of experience in the field of welding technology and the know-how of experienced welders, it is the ideal partner for all welding tasks in the workshop. A soft, low-spatter arc and the infinitely variable power adjustment of the inverter make it easier to control the weld pool and allow power adjustment at any time during welding to ensure that every weld is perfect.

      Maximum work safety is a top priority for the R series. By using three special safety features, such as the angled torch connection, the double gas cylinder safety device and the Total-Stop roller, you effectively protect your welders and ensure maximum safety at work.

      Synergy automatic setting for perfect welding results

      The Synergy automatic setting allows you to achieve perfect welds quickly and easily, without training time or transfer errors. This not only saves time and money, but also guarantees consistently high welding quality. Switch on, weld - it can be that simple and reliable.

      Robust housing and sturdy handles for workshop use

      The Lorch R series is equipped with a robust housing and sturdy handles. This makes it ideal for use in the workshop. The unit is easy to maneuver and the top of the housing can be used as a convenient storage surface. The unique combination of reliability and ease of use makes the Lorch R-Series suitable for any workshop.

      Robust wire feed system

      The robust wire feed system is equipped with high-quality, industry-proven wire feed rollers. It guarantees a stable, precise and reliable wire feed. This is the prerequisite for continuous welding and perfect seams. Even long weld seams are welded quickly and optimally thanks to the high duty cycle.

      Lorch R-Series: The all-rounder for maximum flexibility

      With the Lorch R series, you weld reliably and flexibly, no matter which welding process you choose. Whether you work with MIG-MAG, TIG or electrode welding - the Lorch R series is ready for any challenge and will not let you down.

      Easy operation: Lorch presents 3 steps to successful welding

      Operating the R series is as simple as can be. Lorch's clearly laid out control panel makes sure of that. You can achieve a perfect welding result in just a few simple steps. Simply select the process and the operating mode (2-/4-cycle, spot welding), set the appropriate welding program and off you go. The graphic display shows all relevant parameters at a glance and visualizes the various settings in an easy-to-understand way. To make it easier to select the right welding program, the wire feed compartment contains a program table with the associated material-gas-wire combinations. If you want even more, you have the option of setting various values individually, depending on your preferences or the welding situation. It couldn't be simpler.

      ControlPro control panel

      • "3 steps and weld" operating concept

      • Visualized plate thickness and seam geometry

      • Arc length correction

      • Modes for electrode and TIG

      Other Lorch R-Series products at a glance:

      The Lorch R-series welders are available in various designs and performance classes to meet individual requirements. In the field of MIG-MAG welding technology, they leave nothing to be desired.

    • Details Daten
      Welding range 1~ 230 V: [A] 20 - 220
      Voltage range: [V] 15 - 25
      Duty cycle 100% (40°c): [A] 100
      Duty cycle 60% (40°c): [A] 130
      Mains voltage 1~ (50/60 Hz): [V] 230
      Mains fuse 1~ (50/60 Hz): [A] 16
      Mains plug: Schuko
      Protection class: IP23S
      Insulation class: F
      Norm/Standard: EN60529
      Designation/Certification: CE
      Cooling type: Gas-cooled
      Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm] 880 × 400 × 755
    • Here you can download the Lorch R-Series brochure. It contains all technical data and much more information. If you still have questions, please contact us directly.

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