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Lorch MicorMIG Pulse 300

Lorch MicorMIG Pulse 300 MIG-MAG welder

With the Lorch MicorMIG Pulse 300, low-spatter welding is possible thanks to a stable and shearable pulse arc with a maximum of 250A.

  • Innovative and powerful welding machines from Lorch

    Perfect welding results with MicorMig 300 Pulse

    Thanks to the innovative Lorch pulse process, the MicorMIG Pulse series welders weld with low spatter. This saves you time-consuming reworking and no time is wasted on unnecessary welding wire changes. The Lorch MicorMIG Pulse series sets standards in this respect and makes the switch to a modern, continuously adjustable welding system simple and effective.

    The fully flexible dynamic setting allows you to optimally adjust the arc to your needs. Both the welding properties and the excellent price-performance ratio make the MicorMIG Pulse series the ideal entry-level candidate for pulse welding.

    Low-spatter pulse welding:

    Thanks to stable and very controllable pulsed arc, you save rework and time for other tasks. With the pulsed process, low-spatter welding is guaranteed without time-consuming rework over the entire synergy characteristic.

    MicorBoost technology for perfect welding results:

    The innovative and patented MicorBoost technology ensures maximum power and voltage reserves in the arc. This gives you optimum welding properties for all sheet metal and medium and heavy steel work, both with mixed gas and under CO2. It delivers outstanding welding results for steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

    EN1090 compliance + NFC technology:

    Weld in compliance with EN1090 easily thanks to the WPS booklet. This saves you time-consuming and cost-intensive individual testing of your welding results. The booklet includes independently certified welding instructions of all relevant standard welding procedures. With the MicorMIG Pulse 300, the parameter sets are also conveniently available via NFC job card.

    Future-proof due to upgradeability:

    Always exactly the functionalities you need: Thanks to NFC functionality, MicorMIG Pulse 300 welders are fully upgradeable. This means you can retrofit additional welding processes, welding programs as well as work-simplifying functions with NFC cards at any time - offline and without external support.

    Perfect quality assurance thanks to authorization concept:

    Thanks to NFC technology, it is also possible to set up a personalized authorization system for operating the welding system. With the MicorMIG Pulse 300, NFC authorization cards can be used to ensure that only selected welders are allowed to adjust corresponding parameters. A time lock for the end of the working day additionally prevents unauthorized work on the device.

    Excellent price-performance ratio:

    The MicorMIG Pulse 300 - your easy switch to a continuously adjustable welding system. Benefit from the optimal welding properties of the MicorMIG Pulse 300 at an excellent price-performance ratio.

    Energy efficient thanks to technology:

    The Lorch MicorMIG Pulse 300 combines robust performance with efficient inverter technology and stand-by functionality. This allows you to reduce your costs while achieving a perfect welding result. Transformer was yesterday.

    Control panel ControlPro:

    • "3 steps and weld" operating concept

    • Digital volt-ampere display

    • Stepless current adjustment

    • 21-step arc dynamics control 

    • Automatic setting (synergy function)

    • Easy process and welding program selection

    • OLED graphic display - for display of the 3rd main parameter

    • Tiptronic job memory for 100 welding tasks

  • Details Data
    Mains voltage: 400V 3Ph
    Welding range: 25-300A
    Duty cycle 100%: 200A
    Duty cycle 60%: 250A
    Feeding unit: 4 Roller drive (2 driven)
    Weldable wires steel: 0,6 – 1,2 mm
    Weldable wires alu: 1,0 – 1,2 mm
    Weldable wires steel pulses: 0,8 – 1,2 mm
    Weldable wires Alu Pulse: 1,0 – 1,2 mm
    Dimensions A- Ausf. (LxWxH): 880 x 490 x 885 mm
    Dimensions B- Ausf. (LxWxH): 880 x 490 x 955 mm
    Weight machine (A version): 58kg
    Weight of feed case (B version): 10,6kg
    Weight water cooling (filled): 13kg
  • Download data sheet Lorch MicorMIG Pulse Series


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