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Lorch M 304 MIG / MAG welding machine

Powerful and reliable: The Lorch M304 MIG-MAG welding machine from Lasaco

The Lorch M304 MIG-MAG welder is one of the best products in its price and performance class available on the market. Lasaco recommends this proven welding machine because of its first-class advantages, which are by no means a matter of course with other manufacturers. These include, among other things, the automatic adjustment of the wire feed speed to the selected voltage level. This ensures that the perfect spot weld is found under all conditions. But that is by no means all - the Lorch M304 has many other advantages that we would like to present to you. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • Optimum welding results thanks to perfect welding technology

    The Lorch M series has been convincing users of welding systems for 30 years

    For more than three decades, users have appreciated the robust quality of Lorch MIG-MAG welders, which we at Lasaco are happy to recommend to our customers. Of course, progress has also found its way into these welders, so that the proven basic design has now been supplemented by hi-tech such as automatic adjustment, feed drive and microprocessor control.

    A modern Lorch M 304 welding machine already offers a number of practical equipment details and features ex works that are advantageous in everyday use. These include the computer-controlled MIG-MAG logic function, the robust and large-dimensioned wheels, the overload-proof rectifier and a powerful cooling system. This allows welding work to be performed for extended periods of time without interruption. The entire design is robust, reliable and completely Made in Germany - this of course also applies to the 50 Hz main transformer, which is among the world's best with its optimally matched welding choke.

    Automatic setting for more efficient work:

    The search for the perfect operating point can be frustrating in welding operations. This depends largely on the selected voltage level and the wire feed speed. With the Lorch M series, the reliable automatic setting system takes care of regulating the wire feed. This means you always find the perfect working point immediately.

    Ergonomic wire feed:

    You can conveniently control the wire feed of the welding system at the push of a button. Wire threading takes place tension-free and without frustration.

    Double gas cylinder safety device for optimum work protection:

    Safe working is particularly important in welding technology. The double gas bottle safety device of the Lorch M 304 allows you to move the power source including the gas bottle completely safely. This applies to gas cylinders up to a maximum of 20 liters.

    Double gas cylinder safety device for optimum work protection:

    The switchable welding units can be switched to 230 volts at any time. This also applies when the power plug is still plugged in.

    The Lorch M-Series is characterized by its simple operation:

    • modern operating concept "3 steps and welding" for high working speed with optimum safety.

    • The current can be individually adjusted in 6 steps.

    • The automatic setting (synergy function) ensures perfect and reproducible work results.

    Other products from the Lorch MIG-MAG M series at a glance:

    Lorch's M-series welding machines are available in various designs and performance classes to meet individual requirements. In the field of MIG-MAG welding technology, these leave nothing to be desired.

  • Details Daten
    Mains voltage: 400V 3~
    Mains voltage: 16A
    Shift steps: 7 levels
    Welding current: 30-230A
    Duty cycle 100%: 115A
    Wire feed: 2 rolls
    Weldable wires steel: 0,6 – 1,0 mm
    Weldable wires aluminium: 1,0 - 1,2 mm
    Dimensions: 870 x 390 x 610 mm
    Net weight: 57kg
  • Here you can download the Lorch M series data sheet. It contains all technical data and much more information. If you still have questions, please contact us directly.

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    Here you can download the Lorch M Series brochure.

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    Here you can download the Lorch M Series brochure.

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