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DINSE MIG/MAG water cooled welding torch

DINSE MIG/MAG water cooled welding torch

Optimum cooling thanks to dual-circuit cooling system: The wear parts of the gun insert are cooled separately and thus particularly effectively.

Category: Welding torch

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  • The cooling liquid flows around the gas nozzle and quickly removes large amounts of heat from the welding gun. Due to the sophisticated cooling system, the 305 is designed for a high thermal load. This results in the performance data with the corresponding duty cycles. These ensure economic advantages for the user. Thanks to a separate shielding gas guide in the wire, gas losses are excluded. The very good gas coverage improves the welding result. Also available with SATZ connection for connection to the MPZ 600-x manual PUSH-PULL fitting.


    • High duty cycle due to optimum cooling of the gas nozzle

    • Flexible supply line

    • Kink protection on the plug side

    • Optimum gas coverage due to recessed contact tip

    • Gas reduction due to laminar gas flow and design of the socket

    • No gas losses due to separate shielding gas guide in the trim

    • Precise wire feeding due to powerful Dinse wire feed modules

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